Time to protect the income generators of the UK post COVID and Brexit

With SME‚’s forced to take on Covid Loans to support a business with little or no prospect of any cashflow generation during this period, many SME‚’s will emerge with far more debt than they had wished for and sadly, an even more uncertain future in which to maintain their responsibilities to all. This scenario will be the next headline in tomorrow‚’s newspapers. Forced to take on finance, which quite rightly was made easy to obtain by a compassionate government, SME‚’s face the rigour of repayment and many will go out of business as a result. We now must look at preserving these vast employment zones and valued tax collectors and tax generators and from my experience of dealing with many recessions and my first Pandemic over my 40 year business life, it has to be focus, focus, focus whilst we build, build, build. It is time as in any war to bring together the vast resources of the state mechanisms that exist and create a single minded attempt at making things happen both to solve our immediate issues and create opportunity in the future. This is the time to ‚’Reignite SME Growth and Competitiveness‚’ and bring together this Army of SME‚’s to work towards a happy and prosperous future.




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