To end the Exnovation of social /financial imbalance in our society

The key challenge to get us to move on from the Covid pandemic is to readdress the imbalance in society, as in my lifetime I have seen the division in society become wider and wider as the affluent society and those who are trying to survive on and below the breadline.

When the sixth richest economy in the world takes pride from its vast number of food banks rather than shame then society is broken.

The futher the gap grows, the worse the disassoociation between the haves and have nots and as a result it leads to further violence and crime that will escalate over time; till one day something that could have been a molehill turns into a mountain. We are a tale of two cities.

The Opportunity presented by the Covid pandemic is the rebirth of innovation and to bring the disparity closer to a parity which in turn will reduce the growing tensions as the nation becomes more and more extreme.

To understand the others point of view you have to have a parity if not simple problems are exasperated.

How a nation is truly judged is by how it treats those on the breadline / below the breadline in society not by the number of Billionaires. Where there is a closer awareness between the two extremes then it is possible to find the future Einsteins and their ilk and nuture their creativity whereas perhaps without opportunity they may end up knifed in the streets. A loss not only to their family but also the nation as they were not able to reach their full potential.




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