Trade with the EU

Any solution to the Irish Border issue should also be applicable to our border with mainland Europe in order to avoid holdups at the ports of entry. In the age of ‘DJIT’ this is essential if industry is not to be disrupted. Thus solving the issue with the Republic presents an opportunity to make friction-less trade a reality for ALL trade entering and leaving the UK. The fact that no such technology is currently in use anywhere is no reason why it can’t be developed to the advantage of trade everywhere across the world. What a great opportunity for British exports! Over 80% of all world trade goes by sea and, with the exception of bulk carriers, most is in containers. These weigh up to 40 tons and are somewhat inflexible requiring, generally, to be stuffed and later unstuffed at specialized facilities before goods can be distributed to their ultimate destinations. Many are carried by rail to depots for transhipment onto lorries before going on to their destination. Air freight uses a totally different system in order for freight to be accommodated in aircraft bodies. Many trades make extensive use of pallets and 1m3 plastic bags. Is there a better way to bring all of these aspects together when goods have to cross borders?




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