UK Nations coming together as a force for good.

The consequences and challenges of the pandemic came at enormous cost adding severely to the national debt which may take generations to repay. However, one of the key opportunities to emerge from the national emergency that could ultimately drive economic growth has been the nations coming together as a force for good.

Whether it was through the key workers holding the nations together during Lockdown One, whilst almost the entire workforce, rich and poor, were trapped indoors powerless to help. Or, millions of people clapping for carers, supporting local business, raising money with Captain Tom or observing the social distancing to preserve life. In addition, whether it was the government supporting millions of people through furlough and business grants, or industry re-purposing production lines for hand santiser and frontline medical supplies there has been strong national cohesion and a unity of purpose notwithstanding the triumph of vaccination. All this goodwill is a strength and key opportunity.




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