Ulverston Healthy Town Initiative a pioneering Part of the Healthy Cities WHO group.

That all of our Residents in Ulverston and environs are supported with supplies, access to transport, education and joined into preventative Health activities which will help promote best Heath service practice.

We aim to put people in touch with people who can answer their needs (which might be “dog walking” when in hospital), need for a new support group -Ulverston Community Solutions Looking at sourcing M H therapies, A new Men’s group which self identified and in good times meets in the Library (at present on line), Women’s group who come together to “recover” after abuse or worse).

The group acts as a network organisation in following ABC models of community expertise to promote Marmot principles. This includes voluntary, Church, elected members/ Local Authority involvement and interest groups.

Working closely with the Town Council we can encourage groups to come together to look at green issues, recycling etc and Health and well being at grass roots level yet remaining connected to wider and more strategic aims from the local Integrated Care System and ICC.

Our expertise means we can help groups who ask for help-practical and limited financial assistance eg when a local food share group needed help we were able to push a DEFRA grant towards them.

During Covid-19 our groups (44+) have found that common purpose is a great way to provide help and sustainable solutions to community issues. A Self Isolation group was formed and became incredibly successful with hundreds of volunteers. Once the first wave was over they stood down (GDPR principles) but around 68 volunteers once asked, said that they would be prepared to stand by as Community Volunteers in case of emergency or Resilience matters. Ulverston Resilience Group was formed.




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