Unblock general hospitals from becoming homes for the elderly

For some 12+ years before Covid-19 I began to feel our society was unfairly stacked against those over 80, of which my mother was one. Almost every part of our lives in the last 20 years has been affected by technology and change; online doctors’ appointments, limited access to your own doctor, online access to pensions and benefits, etc. For some of us this has been a good thing for others of a certain age they feel left out, abandoned, confused, sidelined and, at the most vulnerable time in their lives, not listened to. What were so many elderly, infirm and alone people doing in hospitals pre Covid? In most cases they probably shouldn’t have been there but there was nowhere else for them to go to be looked after and yet they were shunted out without forethought and understanding the minute there was a threat of excessive pressure on the NHS. What about all those people who’d been waiting for surgery and treatments before the pandemic. The best thing about the pandemic, in my view, is that the over 80s have been moved to the front of the queue as far as recognising their vulnerability and need for care.

Please don’t let’s forget this but rather keep moving in the right direction giving everyone of any age the respect and consideration they require and deserve. Let’s start with the over 80s and define the services they require.




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