Universal increase in food insecurity! one of the impact of VOVID_19 pandemic.

The key challenge is that of a universal increase in food insecurity.


1) Increase in unemployment rate: Agriculture is one of the basic supplier of raw materials for industries, but then it was affected by the pandemic. So many people were relieved of their jobs during the lockdown. Again, due to high cost of farm inputs most Farmers wouldn’t be able to cultivate agricultural goods any more, which means that they have lost their jobs.

2) Increased hunger: Most farmers couldn’t produce food during the lockdown, and those that did, didn’t produce enough due to increase in farm inputs and that has led to reduced available of farm products.

3) Increased poverty: Import and export were restricted during the lockdown and that led to an increase in the cost of goods and services. Due to high cost of living people can no longer afford basic necessities especially food.

4) Increased insecurity: Some of the people who lost their jobs and are presently suffering from hunger, unemployment and poverty are now into all sort of illegal activities like robbery and kidnapping.

5) Poor livelihood: The living standard of people have been drastically reduced due to the pandemic, not every can now afford a three square meal, quality education and even live in some areas and houses as a result of low income earning.

6) Reduced government revenue: The higher the production of agriculture goods (raw materials), the higher the revenue government will generate from processing companies and from input and export duties, which in turn affets the world economy.E




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