Utilising increased online access and connectivity to engage hard-to-reach communities

Throughout the past year, the British public has developed online access and connectivity as a response to the ‘work from home’ defense strategy against COVID-19. Examples of this include Joe Wicks’ ‘PE with Joe’ for young children (which subsequently attracted adults also) and online events such as quizzes (e.g. Jay’s virtual pub quiz). These developments, applauded by the UK government, appear to present an opportunity to integrate digital connectivity into community connection strategies. Ensuring digital access is universal would open up a wide array of opportunities, e.g. online ‘community hangouts’, classes ran by the local government online (e.g. digital proficiency). The likely impact of this is immeasurable. Transitioning partially to online models will increase community connectivity, grant more access to exercise classes or workshops, and subsequently increase public wellbeing.




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