We can become the world leader in education

The speed with which the education system adapted to remote teaching demonstrates that we can hugely improve the way we educate our children. The speed of learning need not be constrained to the slowest in a class of 30. And it is not difficult to achieve. It only requires six relatively simple steps: –

1. Combine all the various examination boards into a single United Kingdom Examination Board (UKEB)

2. Require UKEB to publish on the Internet teaching materials for all of it’s syllabi (Similar to those produced by the Khan Academy) ‚’‚’..

3. ‚’‚’. and to massively expand the number of courses that it operates

4. Students can then self-teach with the assistance of teachers, parents, friends or tutors and go at their own speed

5. Replace the ‚’Big Bang‚’ exams with continual tests allowing students to achieve grades roughly equivalent to one year‚’s work

6. Continually assess attainment and focus positive interventions on the bottom 10%




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