We must not just ‘build back better’ we can and must ‘build forward too’.☺

Health and education are always a primary focus for the public, media, policy makers and government. It is in these two diverse fields that the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic will reverberate through current and future generations. With careers in education and healthcare already exposed to stress and burnout, the full toll of COVID-19 in all its forms remains to be confirmed. The memories of loved-ones lost, the effects of long-COVID-19 itself and scholastic careers disrupted, scarring future study plans and ambitions. It is thought that infants may experience more side effects from COVID-19. At the beginning of their schooling, they will suffer a unique truly chronic type of Long-COVID-19. Given the financial impacts on undergraduates students and institutions there is understandable discord and dissent. Yet, as is often the case with adversity, this personal, social ad economic catastrophe provides a unique opportunity across healthcare and education. We need to act in a way that will assure educational benefits for infants and juniors when they reach their teens. We must not just ‘build back better’ we can and must ‘build forward too’.




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