WEFTE pronounced ‚’wefty‚’. Water Exercises For The Elderly at no cost

Challenge: Future pressure on NHS, Home Care and Social Services.

I predicted this challenge before Covid. Covid confirmed it. Remember social services were in crisis. The elderly population will rise in 10 years. The post-war baby boom (1945-50) is already 70 to 75. Over 85s living into their 90s will challenge NHS resources. The elderly are expensive. They use NHS the most.

One answer with no expense is all about mobility There‚’s evidence that if elderly people maintain even modest exercise, they maintain mobility, their independence and their quality of life, longer than they otherwise would. They go to the shops. They need less Home Care. They have fewer ailments. They use the NHS less. Hospitals discharge them sooner. NHS costs are saved.

I see the same tragic events. When the elderly lose mobility, they need home visits and social services; or sell their homes where they want to live, to pay for residential care where they don‚’t want to be.

Conclude: Elderly mobility can save Social and Health Services.

What exercise suits the elderly? WEFTE has particular advantages:

1. For post-covid mental illness, WEFTE offers banter, laughter and friendships combined with physical exertion. Both are necessary.

2 Swimming exercises more muscles than any sport. Stretching stops arthritis.

3. WEFTE can be tailor-made for individual needs.

4. Physiotherapists and doctors can offer personal advice.

5 WEFTE is non-impact for fragile bones.

6. WEFTE is self-paced. You can stop when you want. When jogging or in a team, you can‚’t.

7. Water resistance gently strengthens.

8. Water supports you. You don‚’t need walking sticks.

9. Learning to swim gives a sense of achievement.

10. Most of all, swimming is best for post-covid lungs.

Post-Covid Challenge: ‚’Mobility to save the NHS‚’; ‚’Invest in WEFTE‚’




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