National Volunteer Day

National Volunteer Day The objective of this policy is to recognise the thousands of unpaid volunteers that have supported our communities before, during and after the Covid Pandemic. Methodology 1) Volunteers register on a National database. 2) All branches of government and the armed forces allocate prizes. 3) A lottery is instigated based on theContinue reading “National Volunteer Day”

How to re-purpose the COVID-19 testing system

(in reference to Re-purposing the COVID-19 testing system) Once covid has been finally subdued, rather than dismantle the new testing and tracing capability we have built, we should re-purpose it. We will have spent a great deal on lighthouse labs, trained technicians, mobile testing capacity, IT infrastructure and QR codes. We have introduced new habitsContinue reading “How to re-purpose the COVID-19 testing system”

Re-purposing the COVID-19 testing system

The UK, and many other countries, fell short by not having a large scale testing program up and ready. By the end of the crisis, we will have built such a system for covid-19 – at enormous cost and effort. Rather than shut that system down, there is an the opportunity to re-purpose the testingContinue reading “Re-purposing the COVID-19 testing system”

How to restore confidence in the Care Home system and encourage potential new residents they are safe.

Sadly, many Care Homes are now facing significant income shortfalls as a result of empty beds following the Covid crisis. They are also having to bear significant additional costs. The risk of insolvency for many is real and, at the very least, there will need to be an increase in fees – increasing the pressureContinue reading “How to restore confidence in the Care Home system and encourage potential new residents they are safe.”

Mobile testing facilities

(in reference to The lack of accessible COVID-19 testing) We could fix this problem by mobile laboratories which are easy to assemble, affordable and able to greatly increase testing capacity. Laboratories are built within shipping containers, then shipped to the designated country. Once in the country, the mobile lab can be transported by trucks toContinue reading “Mobile testing facilities”