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The Heywood Foundation announces the appointment of a new Heywood Fellow

The Heywood Foundation is delighted to announce the appointment of a new Heywood Fellow. Jonathan Black, until December 2022, the Prime Minister’s G7 & G20 Sherpa and Deputy National Security Adviser, will take up the mantle of Heywood Fellow from January 2023.

During his Fellowship, Jonathan will focus on policy making at the intersection of economic prosperity and national security.  Some of the most systemic policy challenges faced by the UK and allies today sit at this intersection. This includes issues relating to science and technology, to trade and investment, to climate and health – and it also affects, as the war in Ukraine has shown, the fundamentals of statecraft. Governments’ ability to address these challenges in a coherent way is ever more critical to delivering peace and prosperity for their citizens.

“We are delighted that Jonathan Black will be the next Heywood Fellow. The thinking he will be doing affects an increasingly critical area of policy making for all governments and Jonathan is exceptionally well positioned to bring new insights to this. Jeremy would be thrilled by both Jonathan’s appointment and the topic that he will be researching.”

Lady Heywood, the Chair of the Heywood Foundation

Heywood Competition Update

The competition is now closed to new entries and we’re well underway with the judging process, looking through the hundred of exciting and innovative ways you’ve suggested that the UK government could do to make life better for everyone. Judging should be completed within the next two months and the announcement and prize ceremony will be on the 6th July.

The judging panel this year is made up of:

• Suzanne Heywood
• David Halpern
• Zamila Bunglawala
• Amika George
• Robert Swannell
• Robert Winston
• Helen McNamara
• Laura Kuenssberg
• Calum Miller, and
• Tony Curzon-Price

“Building on the success of the inaugural Heywood Prize in 2021, in 2022 we also want to tap into the often unseen and unheard insights and creativity of our younger generations. Never has the need to bring their bold, new ways of thinking to the attention of policymakers been more important than it is today.”

Lady Heywood, the Chair of the Heywood Foundation

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