How to restore confidence in the Care Home system and encourage potential new residents they are safe.

Sadly, many Care Homes are now facing significant income shortfalls as a result of empty beds following the Covid crisis. They are also having to bear significant additional costs. The risk of insolvency for many is real and, at the very least, there will need to be an increase in fees – increasing the pressure further on both private and public resources.

At the same time, current death rates in Care Homes are now back down at average levels, while many more people than average are still dying at home. This suggests many elderly people may be avoiding moving to a Home (or going into hospital) and missing out on the care they desperately need – despite very many Care Homes now being COVID free and providing a very safe environment.

While the Government is considering options for the long term reform of the Social Care funding system, action is needed NOW to encourage vulnerable people that a Care Home is still a safe environment for them and to move (analogous to the Back to School campaign). Potentially, this would save many lives and also Homes.

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