Governmental funding for Mature apprentice Wage

Understandably the UK is a spearhead in providing help to less fortunate countries around the world. I for one don’t understand the red tape around certain decisions whether aid is submitted for military or security purposes, or whether 100% of all foreign aid spending is directed towards the causes it is intended. I believe even if we took a portion of the foreign aid budget and created a domestic development budget it could be put to great use for the citizens of our own country facing their own difficulties. I believe far more tax payers would be happy seeing their own money spent in their own country for the benefit of their own peoples. A proportion of the budget to enable people with the required skill set or base qualifications (GCSEs / A levels / degree / NVQs) to gain experience and paid work in industries that are vital to a Brexit Britain. Industries such as;

Import and export


Wind and solar

Cyber security

Business solutions

Building trades

News and media

Local and national government

A Government funded scholarship into important, interesting and creative industries to give people a step in the right direction where they may not be able to get otherwise.

Coinciding with the prime ministers intention of levelling up the country, resources and opportunities should be even across the country not only based on the density of population.

The wage should not be minimum therefore pushing away talent for a cheaper alternative or leaving people over the age of 25 out of exciting opportunities due to the wage. Everyone should have the ability to improve their personal situation without their age or personal circumstances coming in the way of that.

This would be a fantastic opportunity to engage with business find new talent and provide a good liveable wage instead of the £4+ hourly rate for apprentices.

Make apprenticeships accessible for all and stop people giving up efforts due to finances.




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