Office of Civic Responsibility or similar

The problem .The lack of trust ,transparency in government,the inability of

most politicians to answer a straightforward questions ,the over exaggeration

and economy of truth when explaining new situations,laws etc.

Most people , certainly the majority I talk to, are fed up with the current

ineptness of government and politicians in general .There needs to be an

independent body , perhaps similar to the OBR ,that can regularly comment

on what government is saying , how realistic they are and wether the facts

add up .Over the last 5 years or so we have seen Brexit , Covid ,HS 2 , third

runway at Heathrow , cross rail , to name but a few,none of which have been

explained to the public in a truthful straightforward way ,many pronouncements

leading to confusion and mistrust.How can you expect people to obey the rules

when the truth is obfuscated ,the facts laundered to suit the politics .

There are many committees that are supposed to hold government to

account , however they mainly serve the political self interest , We need

an independent body that holds all parties/politicians to account on important

matters , of which there are many ,and will continue to be so ,not least

Brexit for instance,which still has a long way to go .

If people know and understand where they stand ,surely they will respond in

a more responsible manner.




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