Strategic use of the Nightingale new, and currently underused, hospitals.

It’s simple. The answer lies in reversing the intended role of the Nightingale hospitals: Move ALL the bed blockers and those not in need of specialised medical attention from all the local hospitals to the Nightingale hospitals and call these “Recovery and Recouperation Units” serviced by volunteers and low level medical support people. Minor AContinue reading “Strategic use of the Nightingale new, and currently underused, hospitals.”

Unused energy resource

Large car parks at supermarkets and railway stations could be roofed with solar panels instead of wasting valuable food-productive areas of land for ‘solar farms’. The areas for car parks have already been concreted over so there would be no loss of land. It would also greatly benefit shoppers and commuters by keeping them dryContinue reading “Unused energy resource”

Positive Advertising

There have been a million and one problems causes by this pandemic. Finding a solution to each one has clearly been a difficult challenge for individuals, populations, countries and the world in general. However several helpful solutions have been provided already. In the case of mental health, people have been largely affected by covid-19 andContinue reading “Positive Advertising”

Encourage Marine Permaculture to Rejuvenate Fishing Communities and Improve Marine Ecology

Several important challenges which seem to be in competition with each other may be addressed at once. UK coastal towns which have historically relied on fishing have suffered greatly in recent decades, both due to decreasing fish stocks making fishing less profitable, and to the offshoring of the processing of fish. At the same timeContinue reading “Encourage Marine Permaculture to Rejuvenate Fishing Communities and Improve Marine Ecology”

Revive Retail, Simply!

Retail is dying because both of lockdown and the natural evolution of retail. Lockdown has hastened the fact that people are moving to shopping online, and increasingly shops are closing both on the High Street and even in villages and secondary shopping places. My idea will stop this by taking the power of the InternetContinue reading “Revive Retail, Simply!”

Democratic void in the House of Lords

Limit the number of lords allowed fo sit – perhaps around 500 – & then proportionately allocate the amount of lords each party is allowed following each election based on the proportion of the vote that is received in accordance with a pre-submitted list for each party in order that each Lord will be sentContinue reading “Democratic void in the House of Lords”

Actions to reduce the prison population

I have outlined above an issue regarding the prison population. Many prisoners have neurological conditions such as ADHD, Autism/Asperger’s Syndrome and / or learning differences such as Dyslexia. These conditions can lead to mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression. They can also lead to addictions to alcohol and/or drugs which in themselves oftenContinue reading “Actions to reduce the prison population”

Reimagining and Rebuilding England’s Education System

Imagine an education system where… • children start school one year later and ready to learn with the language, social skills and resilience they need gained during a pre-Reception year; • children move to secondary school with greater confidence and deeper knowledge; • our oldest pupils have more opportunities and time to make meaningful choicesContinue reading “Reimagining and Rebuilding England’s Education System”

Personal Carbon Budgets

Covid has exposed the huge disparities in physical and mental health outcomes between the rich and poor particularly in urban areas. As the Climate Crisis unfolds this administrative disfunction will be replicated unless we seize the opportunity to change how we do things. Meeting 2050 Carbon reduction goals will be a personal as well asContinue reading “Personal Carbon Budgets”