A New Style of Health Care

Some say that the collapse of many retail companies in 2020 was not due to CoVid19, but the virus highlighted underlying problems with these companies before the virus started.

Therefore, is it possible that the number of virus sufferers has highlighted an underlying low level of health in the world population? Now there is an opportunity for a totally new approach to healthcare.

Let us have a worldwide discussion to re-evaluate the effectiveness of the current health model. This model seems to be characterised by not dealing with causes of ill-health, treating symptoms to suppress them, and using only one therapeutic method of chemical pharmaceutical drugs all of which have some side effects.

Bearing in mind that the body is designed to heal itself given the correct conditions, wouldn‚’t it be better to ascertain why a particular body is not self-healing. What is blocking the self-healing process? Is it due to a deficiency of some nutrient or to an excess of something that is unhelpful from the body‚’s point of view?

If interviewing a medical expert to look after your health, consider questions such as: How well did your training equip you to teach patients to maintain health as compared to only treating diseases? How much do you understand positive health as compared with merely freedom from disease?

Consider a car that has travelled 50,000 miles without servicing: who would expect the car to travel far without a high risk of breakdown? Why then expect a body to function optimally for 90 decades or more without any servicing? Maintaining good function of a vehicle is so important that the Government has legislated that when cars reach age of three years, specified functions must be checked. Why not apply the same principles and care to our bodies?




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