I believe Corona SARS2 virus/Covid19 has highlighted faults in the health service and virology.

The answer is separated into four parts to make it easier to follow. Part 1: TTI An easy to use and trustworthy TTI is essential in managing a viral pandemic. Once working there have been only 16.5 million downloads ( 22nd October 2020) which is 23.95% of the population when we need 80 – 90%Continue reading “I believe Corona SARS2 virus/Covid19 has highlighted faults in the health service and virology.”

Cryptocurrency transaction and power consumption

Every Bitcoin/cryptocurrency transaction uses 741 kilowatt-hours of electricity. This is the same as about 500,000 VISA transactions. The additional money and home time during COVID has resulted in a major growth in crypto currency transactions. The power consumption is unsustainable and needs to be accounted for by those dealing in cryptocurrency.     1789-1

The Impacts of Lock Down and the Pandemic on Mental Health

More individuals, of all ages, are struggling with their metal health due to the reduction of activities that bring them joy. They are separated from their loved one and spending long periods of time in the home. This is leading to an increase in mental ill health for many and it is felt that thoseContinue reading “The Impacts of Lock Down and the Pandemic on Mental Health”

Opportunities Presented by COVID-19 Pandemic in Academic Research

Greater Public Investment in Future Research. While the pandemic has wreaked havoc with research timelines and raised questions about possible funding sources, there have been some positive outcomes as well. ‚’One big upside has been that public trust in science and its important role in our society has increased. This recognition should result in greaterContinue reading “Opportunities Presented by COVID-19 Pandemic in Academic Research”

Nationwide Litter Collection Campaign

Although not directly related to Covid-19 many of us are now walking a lot more and many will have noticed the large amounts of waste and litter thrown into the sides of roads, banks, around beauty spots, in parks, around urban areas, roads and public spaces. Waste is clearly being thrown from cars, dropped byContinue reading “Nationwide Litter Collection Campaign”

Easy and Timely Access to Justice

Travelling to courts for legal proceedings is usually difficult for people in the rural and remote areas of Nepal. Because of this reason, most people cannot easily access justice as guaranteed in the Constitutional rights. Also, the individuals do not get to attend and observe their court proceedings. During COVID-19, due to the travelling banContinue reading “Easy and Timely Access to Justice”

From Tax Evasion to Tax Persuasion

With soaring public debt and an economic recession, now is the time to address a problem that is centuries old; how to make tax popular. There are ongoing debates about the optimum rates of taxation and whether a new wealth tax should be introduced, but all of these debates miss the fundamental problem with tax:Continue reading “From Tax Evasion to Tax Persuasion”

International vaccine alliance for contagious diseases like COVID-19

Currently, there is COVAX, which is a international vaccine support for underdeveloped countries. However, further international cooperation encompassing developed countries is needed in securing vaccines, setting prices, and vaccination plans. As the vaccine emerged as a solution in the COVID-19 Pandemic situation, countries take steps to secure the vaccine. As a result of competition, VaccineContinue reading “International vaccine alliance for contagious diseases like COVID-19”