A possible way forwards for the curriculum in schools?

Examine each subject and look at what is really needed – for example Mathematics. It is deemed a gold standard qualification and a measure of ability – it is SO dependent upon the quality of the classroom teacher – too many students have been completely turned off the subject and fail because of poor maths teaching – I have seen it too many times as a Secondary Headteacher. So decide that not everyone needs Maths as a qualification and make it an optional subject. However, make Arithmetic compulsory for all – so we can all calculate roughly how much flooring we might need or whether a special offer is indeed that. Make it practical and fun. Be brave and allow some youngsters to leave school at 14 – support them with day release courses to raise their skill levels. That might keep more teachers in the classroom because dealing with the disaffected is an increasing problem and impacts upon those students in the same class who really want to learn. Offer equivalence for practical qualifications or courses – for example Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme – bronze is worth 2 GCSE, Silver is 3 and Gold is 5. Offer the D of E now – as something for students to start during this current lockdown. Get 16 year olds involved in Community Service – again accredit. Value the courses that enable young people to develop – to work as a team, to care for others, to understand that with rights come responsibilities. Give them information but teach them how to use it – to question what they are reading – apply it to new situations – we won’t find the real thinkers we need for the future if we continue to force every child to be shaped by the past!




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