A solution to ‘bed blocking’ in our geriatric wards

Build an NHS nursing home which is run by the hospital, on the site of every hospital with a geriatric ward. Enabling elderly people who are ready to leave hospital but have no one to care for them and cannot go to their own home without care, can be moved to release beds for new patients.

The homes would be a halfway house for these people. There would be Coordinators whose job is to find permanent homes for them, who liaise with GPs, families, care givers, councils and private care homes to carry out financial, ability and needs assessments to ensure that the elderly people are rehomed in the correct type of home to suit their needs or have the correct care package in place.

The places in the NHS nursing homes can be paid for in the same way as other nursing homes are paid for now. So if a person has enough capital they’d pay for their care and accommodation, etc and if they do not have capital then it would come out of the social care budget in the same way that it would for any home having the person.

The length of stay would be a maximum of 4 weeks during which time it is the job of the Coordinator to carry out the assessments and find alternative care and/or homing for the person.




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