Air Travel has Fallen

Due to limitations on air travel, many businesses that otherwise had the money to fly their staff around the world for non essential reasons opted to instead confine that interaction to the video conference room. In doing so, many realised that physically travelling between offices or to see clients is no longer always necessary all of the time. Corporate air travel is an unsustainable luxury that we cannot afford to continue entertaining if we are going to tackle the global climate emergency, and any government genuinely determined to do all it can in this space needs to stop focussing on the short term economic gains this industry brings and acknowledge the huge long term economic and societal damage we would avoid if the amount of air travel was prevented from returning to pre-pandemic levels as soon as restrictions are lifted. If companies have managed for almost a year, there’s no reason they can’t continue managing, and using the money saved on air travel to invest in their businesses in other ways.




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