Appoint the right person for the job.

In years gone by our MP’s used to be somebody who had served their local community in a professional manner or had been a successful local businessman who then felt able to serve their constituents in the advanced years.

Is there any reason why a “Ministerial” position could not be filled on a commercial basis by somebody well qualified and experienced to to do the job. For example, the Energy Minister should be a time served engineer, The Chancellor should be Dave Fishwick, The Transport minister could be the CEO of Stobart Logistics. Need I offer more solutions. The current crop of Politicians are mainly inexperienced in business and have achieved nothing more than a few years at Eton where spouting Latin at the voters doesn’t impress us one bit.

The idea of leaving the EU is the greatest mistake ever undertaken. We need the influx of experts from Europe to help build our businesses and to make trading with the UK even more attractive. Put James Dyson in charge of Green energy, Put Lord Sugar in the department for Business. We need the right people for the right job.




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