Covid-19: Emerging challenges can be addressed to harness them as opportunities for a sustainable future

The Covid-19 pandemic has come as a very critical disaster to the world and it has affected nearly every part of the world. The pandemic has made the health and food security crisis worst. It is affecting millions of people across the globe so it has become the challenge to the policy makers and statesmen across the globe to provide a sustainable solution to the evolved crisis. If the nation states will be able to provide a sustainable solution to the evolved crisis, the same crisis will emerge as an opportunity for the policy makers as an important case study and many important researches will come in coming days for the achievement of a sustainable future. We will take the appropriate mitigation measures for future crisis and will also mobilize our policies and measures to save the lives and livelihood by focusing on the severe risks and crisis.

The challenges of the pandemic across the globe have given an important opportunity to increase multilateral and bilateral relations for co-operations even among the conflicting states for the development of a robust health and food security system. This pandemic challenge has also given opportunities to the international body like UN, World Bank, IMF and others to rethink globally for policy formulation related to human security and their implementation through the legally binding international treaties.

The nation states have now seen how disastrous situation may arise even in the modern scientific era. They are now forced to develop innovative systems by providing the real time services through social, food and health security to the most vulnerable section of the society. So the pandemic as a challenge has given an opportunity to the states and international body to rethink about the human security approaches to the society with special focus on a sustainable future.




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