Early adoption of vacine supply and overseas need for vacine support.

Maintaining public support for overseas aid is vital if said aid is to be continually funded as an enlightened self interest for the British People. The UK government in order to guarantee the health of its citizens has ordered a large surplus of potential vaccines , apparently these early orders have secured for the Uk a surplus of vaccine. It is possible during this economic period where severe impacts are being seen that there are calls for a diminution of the overseas aid until this period has passed. Such calls are not in line with the history of the UK and its support of developing nations, such support will eventually raise the standards of other countries reducing the pressures there resulting in economic migration which ultimately costs the UK dearly with policing housing legal aid and eventual return of some economic migrants. If all excess vaccine is not simply given to developing nations but offset against the legally established aid budget many people would actively support this and calls for reduction of said aid would be silenced. This could even be further given a boost through priority of commonwealth countries for these excess doses.




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