Fixing the education crisis

Personally, I don’t believe that the government has done the best it could have to ease this difficult time. In my opinion when the first lockdown began it should have been more restricted and people should have taken it seriously. The virus would not be over but there would have been a reduction in cases and lives lost. Not forgetting that students would be able to go through their education with less stress, Year 13 would be able to enjoy University lifestyle and Year 6 with Secondary school. Exams are another issue that should be resolved by the guarantee from the government that there will not be a repeat of the stress and worry that the algorithm had caused. The algorithm had ensured the success of students in private schools and neglected the intellect and hard work of those in state schools, shattering their dreams and self esteem. With the issue on parents not being able to help their children, I believe that online lessons should continued but as ‘seminars’ and if children need help, there should be a way that teachers would extend their help by hosting smaller groups and check ins with the parents through zoom, Microsoft teams etc. This ensures that their students are learning and the parents are satisfied with their children’s progress.




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