How best to combine information currently held and make it accessible for public use

By providing ready access to the metadata from all the various information databases that the U.K. currently holds on its citizens and using it to its fullest potential there will be a substantial improvement in the value for money provided to taxpayers. Combining this ready access to the metadata (access to individual personal information would still need proper authorisation – based solely on its value to the citizen) with AI will enable those parts of government responsible for allocating publicly funded resources to satisfy health, social and (maybe in time) business needs. Once allocated the public value of the output from the targeted usage of those resources can be measured the lessons from its success (and even more failure) learned and applied in the next iteration of that and other policies and resource allocations. This is intended to enable the rapid exchange of best practice, and resource allocation, across all departments. The control and management of the various database/s, access to them and, not least, the quality of the interpretation of any analyses of metadata should be the responsibility of an independent OBR style team given the freedom to source the very best talent from both within and outside the civil service. This structure is intended to keep the quality and relentless focus of the resource away from short term political influence in much the same way as the OBR is enabled to stand outside government control and report on its performance. Once this accessible information resource is properly understood and controlled then limited access to customized analyses of metadata could be offered to approved third parties for mutual benefit at full commercial value. Equally the expertise developed in extracting full operational and commercial value from the mass of government held information could be offered to other countries/institutions once again at full commercial value and for mutual benefit.




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