How to help eliminate crossover virus transmission at the Channel Tunnel?

It seems to me to be bizarre in these days when transmission of virus and mutations are something that we have to be vigilant about, to have free passage of drivers from different countries travelling through the tunnel and onwards throughout our lands. Equally it is perplexing to maintain a system whereby UK drivers also travel across the Channel and drive throughout Europe. If Uk shipments could be taken to the channel tunnel in containers ready for loading and European drivers collect at European ports, the viral transfer is mainly reduced. There could also be a new raft of workers at the tunnel whose jobs were to manage container transfer, checks and all of the necessary paperwork. Once completed electronic transfer could occur of papers to operations in France to be forwarded on to the nominated drive (reference numbered). The time of transfer could be calculated as a norm for all systems to work too. This would have the effect of reducing waiting times at the tunnel for drivers and would make the whole process more efficient. Without the aid of computers and algorithms I understand this would be difficult – but we do have these technologies. Ships and Trains and Aircraft have always over time managed supply lines in such a way that there are no empty returns. This would need cooperation across the waters but that in its self may appear to be a win win solution. In practical terms consortiums of uk teams would need to be managed to do the driving and collection of goods in the UK and similarly consortiums of drivers operated from European countries. These changes would build on systems already in operation in logistics. Driver time would be better utilised and managed in ports at both ends. Transfer and paperwork tasks become managed through one system by other employed government teams. Ecologically – there must be savings. However in the short term there is a much reduced chance of transmittance of viral load and mutations from one trading partner to another.




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