Lack of accessibility

Its at times like this, that one’s true potential and vigour to progress stands out and separates those who are willing to sacrifice a lot for their future and those who are doing the bare minimum. Despite having online teachers, remote learning disregards the importance of learning in a physical environment as some may find it difficult to work where there aren’t the same stimulating surroundings. Online learning removes that class community atmosphere which is a necessity to have as you can concentrate more effectively. Furthermore, due to covid, work experience has become unfeasible because of the lockdown and social distancing regulations. This has stopped many people from gaining crucial experience such as interviews and gaining knowledge in specific fields. Ergo, covid has made it increasingly difficult to acquire the knowledge and experience needed in the workforce. These prospects are vital to encounter as they build a character to formulate for your future opportunities. The future generation lays in within the hands of those today who have the highest standard of education, others who make a change from the will and a handful of people who could become activists and make their voices be heard, but it has been deteriorated due to the uprising of covid and has now impacted many students lives, mentally, socially, psychologically and physically. Mental health becoming a serious issue and now debatable whether or not they come from school or the household, leads to several peoples failure as the support and accessibility are lacking. In 2017 depression rose from 3.9% to 5.8 due to mental health issues such as depression and anxiety which stemmed from difficulties at home and in schools further elucidating the drastic changes needed to be made to make sure that future generations can become the bedrock for our society.




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