The minorities in the UK, the BAME community, are not getting the UK government’s messages. From personal experience living amongst these communities, the majority are still, to an extent going about their daily business as normal. Even during lockdown. The reason for this, is because your messages are not getting to them. The TV channels they watch are not showing your press conferences nor your Mr Whitty ads. These people are getting their news from whats app, youtube, facebook, which as we all know is false. This is the reason you will also not have many Asians take up the vaccine. It is that simple. The solution to this, is you need to get your press conferences on their channels with their language, interpretation above it. You need to get people from their communities discussing the issue. You need to be where they are. With the right information and understanding you will get people adhering as well as uptake in the vaccine. You can go to as many mosques and temples as you like, maybe a few will trickle in for the vaccine, being forced by their children because they themselves do not understand. The best way to do it, is simply get on their channels. Be present. The British government is way to relaxed, and scared of taking decisive action when it is needed the most.




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