Nationwide Litter Collection Campaign

Although not directly related to Covid-19 many of us are now walking a lot more and many will have noticed the large amounts of waste and litter thrown into the sides of roads, banks, around beauty spots, in parks, around urban areas, roads and public spaces. Waste is clearly being thrown from cars, dropped by pedestrians, walkers and hikers and deliberately dumped. Fly tipping is rife, sometimes in large quantities, often containing or consisting of toxic and hazardous substances such as chemicals and batteries. Covid-19 has added to the problem as people either lose, drop or jettison face coverings. On occasions people who use sharps and needles discard lethal and toxic material in places accessible to the public (including children), domestic pets and farm animals. An unintended consequence of a campaign to get people to pick up and package dog faeces is a plethora of small plastic bags of dog excrement hanging in bushes, on trees and on fences as well as being hurled into ditches and into any other convenient location that is out of site or mind. The litter problem presents a threat to the health and well-being of us all, and to the lives and health of pets, farm animals and wildlife, including marine life. Central government has by and large delegated responsibility for clearing up the nation to local government without allocating sufficient funds. In the early 1970’s a “Keep Britain Tidy” national campaign was conducted with some success but attempts for a re-run have been half-hearted, under-funded and, unsurprisingly, met with little enthusiasm, observance or success. The Nation has pulled together to counter the challenges of Covid-19 and this spirit of unity presents an opportunity to counter the national problem of litter and waste disposal through unified action.




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