Loss of confidence in the adequacy of the education supplied during prolonged lockdowns, together with social isolation, has led to confusion among school leavers about what the next step should be.


The introduction of Universal National Service to suit a wide variety of circumstance could equally be described as UNIVERSAL SOCIAL SERVICE which will be designed to fill the gap between basic secondary schooling and the next stage of life. The Service would provide a minimum of two different assignments during one year, with the option of a second year. A wide choice of assignments including apprenticeships will be designed for all young people in the age range of 15-20 years. This New Universal National Service will echo the successful National Service that was designed for young men in the armed services after the Second World War.

Examples of socially useful occupations including apprenticeships would include any of the Armed Services, The Police, The Fire Brigade, Refuse Disposal, Safety Inspectorates, Care Homes for young and old, and work on the land.

All these services would be of benefit to the community where labour is in short supply.

Training should include basic remedial skills where required. Tutoring should be included in the choice of National Service.

Universal Social Service will bring young persons from every kind of background together in a common endeavour.

This identified employment of young people will be valued by both the individual and society.


A basic living wage (means-tested) – the hourly rate would be paid the same, regardless of occupation. Less tangible benefits would include a passport to self-fulfilment. The requirement of useful work for everyone narrows the worsening gap between privilege and deprivation. Society will benefit from improved mutual understanding and unpopular tasks will be shared around more evenly.




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