Planning is the key

Opportunity comes with planning. A monthly, 6 monthly, yearly etc plan for all sectors of Government is crucial starting centrally and then cascaded down to Regions and then locally. Teams of no more than 7 to include non academics ,business, retired and young representation would use the Management technique of METHOD STUDY to determine Why, what ,when and how to brainstorm areas of change due to Covid. Why centralise Europe for trade and not the World/what is the purpose of the NHS/when will fisheries control inland fishing/how do we make use of empty town centre buildings to best use. Many challenges to embedded thinking need to be made by discussion by a cross section of our Communities. Covid has brought new revigorated Communities using zoom and self help groups. This must be harnessed by planning, discussion and Method Study which was used in the 70s but not now. Retired people have savings for crowd funding and they have the experience lost in the 90s when so much talent was passed over by making such people pensioned off early. Young people have drive and are computer aware. What an opportunity to make a difference. Enhance Brexit ,plan and thrive.




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