Retrospective planning permission is crafty and sets a precedent and destroys village harmony

The challenge of people during covid was converting large garages into separate accommodation and it is truly disturbing. The consequences of which are that they will be applying for retrospective planning permission….and get it.

Further consequences are the parking of the garage vehicles on narrow roads , which are designated to give villages character…..equally the green corridors have disappeared. Nature is disregarded and vehicles can hardly pass one another.

Planning departments rarely consider the consequences when giving such planning permission…..and in feeling sorry for the applicant …..simply rubber stamp the application. History proves time and time again that others join the club of retrospective planners. It is so unfair to those who follow the proper channels of applying for planning permission.

Planning departments need to be directed by the Government to consider much more carefully the status of conservation areas and how many applicants are devious in their desire to get their own way. Truth and honesty is often in short supply.




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