Starter for Ten: Inspiring Britain’s workers with hope and optimism whilst retooling business for a better future

The pandemic has created many problems and much hardship indiscriminately across our nation, presenting challenges to both people and business previously never imagined. These challenges can and will be overcome and with a little creative thinking may prove a springboard to a better and more successful future.
Covid’s effect on employment has been dramatic, from people’s fears of losing jobs to that becoming a reality, many excellent people out of work through no fault of their own, these people along with many others need a little help in seeing new possibilities/opportunities and a reason not to lose hope in the future.
Similarly, many companies will have had their business model/markets changed beyond all recognition and are in need of a little help to reflect, refocus and adjust to the new environment.
To provide this little bit of help I present to you Starter for Ten.

Starter for Ten is a 10-week introduction to a company of your choosing:
• Applicants will choose what company they wish to work in (within x distance of their home address)
• Applicant will apply by writing no more than one paragraph stating as best they can why they should be working for that company
• All applications will be scored by the companies HR with the upper quartile being entered into a lottery draw for the Introducee positions
• All applications will be blind except for a generation identifier (young (18-26) middle (27-40) seasoned (41+)) and their personal sales pitch
the current unemployment metrics would be used to determine the ratio of young, middle and seasoned, i.e., a company offering 10 Introductions might get 5 young, 2 middle and 3 seasoned.
I have a hypothesis that the combination of the skills, knowledge and attitude of the 3 groups together will work surprisingly well and lead to non-typical, creative and out-of-the-box thinking.

Due to the pandemic most businesses day to day operations will be facing major challenges and issues, at best just an upheaval at worst the need for total transformation but this could also be the perfect opportunity to try out bold and new ideas never before tried.
Enter the Introducees; an opportunity for business to utilize their novel views, opinions and suggestions, Introducees will be asked to observe/review/reflect on the companies’ products/practices/purpose. Often change is hard, a mature and previously successful business may be struggling to adapt to the changed environment, the Introducees will bring diverse and non-typical thinking that can be used to look at and question how and why things are done, think viewing from above, below, back to front and inside out, think Mckinsey & Company on magic mushrooms.
The Introducees differ dramatically from a traditional apprentice mainly because of the vast array of resources they bring, many years of skills and experience, knowledge of current application processes, baggage free thinking and an abundance of enthusiasm because don’t forget, they chose to want to work for this company.
The 10-week program will commence with a 1-week induction (therapy/motivation, do’s/don’ts, company expectations). It will end with, if the Introducee has made a good impression, the offer of a job or maybe a place at the front of the queue for when something next becomes available. A process of feedback will be given from the company and/or fellow Introducees, it will be exclusively only positive feedback and only where appropriate but this whole idea is about zero negativity and empowering people to look ahead.
The introduction would not be paid employment (although if the company chose to that would be up to them) but if on Universal Credit they would continue to receive this and in addition the employer would cover travel expenses.
Although this idea is primarily focused on the unemployed with the crazy times we’re currently living in it would be fair to expect people across all walks of life to have reflected and taken stock of their lives, reassessing their situation and if they find they have an itch that they need to scratch, and their employer (working at reduced capacity) was agreeable to 10 weeks unpaid leave it would be meanspirited to exclude them from this adventure, besides this can only add more talent to the pool of resources that is the Introducees.

Whilst the main aim of this programme is to help employees and employers another consequence of the pandemic is the collapse of the traditional recruitment model demonstrated by the 1000’s of applications for the same handful of minimum wage jobs (the time required to sift through the applicants is far too great for optimum results), now is the perfect opportunity to try a different approach. Much like a 2nd hand BMW/Mercedes is now so good, reliable and efficient they could comfortably meet the needs of any customer: due to trends in business and frequency of changing jobs today’s workforce are really well trained, experienced and versatile and they would meet the requirements of many different positions. Given the opportunity, a little training and encouragement many people would thrive and excel and what better place for them to do this than at a company they really want to work for? All companies have a need to refine their recruitment process maybe to save money, tick a few diversity boxes or improve their hiring success. The pandemic is the opportunity to try out a new way of doing things.

Bringing hope and excitement to the nation Haven’t thought of one yet
Helping business readjust to the new normal
Major rethink of the HR process
Monetarily virtually cost free

This is a much-condensed synopsis of my idea, there are many other attributes that just seem to fit into place so perfectly with this WIN WIN proposition and I would be most grateful the chance to explain this once in a lifetime opportunity further.




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