The Impacts of Lock Down and the Pandemic on Mental Health

More individuals, of all ages, are struggling with their metal health due to the reduction of activities that bring them joy. They are separated from their loved one and spending long periods of time in the home. This is leading to an increase in mental ill health for many and it is felt that those form lower socioeconomic backgrounds and minority groups may be more affected. There is also a lack of validation of negative feelings due to a reduction in socialising and a reduction in face to face emotional support. This is not only because people cannot meet p with others outside of their home, but also because many mental health support services are not conducting face to face appointments. Sadly we are seeing a large rise in children presenting with eating disorders and a rise in individuals presenting with low mood and anxiety. The high levels of uncertainty in the world currently is adding to the feelings of anxiety, powerlessness, loneliness and depression. It is also felt that when we are allowed to socialise again, individuals may avoid this due to higher levels of social anxiety.




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