The Opportunities of the pandemic COVID-19

COVID-19 pandemic caused many challenges by testing our patience as we lost many people in a terrible way , people die alone , as well as opportunities to all of us,

The opportunities are :

The COVID-19 pandemic is wreaking havoc in countries across the glob, causing a global health crisis and forcing economic to slow down due to the strict quarantine measures, however, the outbreak has also provided many opportunities such as , the impact on the environment in an intriguing way . As the pandemic spreads in different parts of the world.

The CO2 emission and human mobility have been reduced, which improves air quality , air pollution is reduced in countries severaly affected by the virus , such as China , Italy and Spain . A reduction In commuting due to work from home policies has also played its part in reducing carbon emissions.

Giving the freedom to animals and encouraging them to come and explore the cities during lockdown.

Vulnerable populations are twice as affected by the crisis . First, because they are often more at risk with from a health stand point. Second because they are particularly hard hit by the economic crisis.

This led the subnational governments to undertake proactive initiatives to manage the emergency and support vulnerable groups, including elderly people, people with chronic or long-term illnesses, disabled, poor households, homeless, underprivileged children and students, migrants and other vulnerable population, etc as well as the cooperation in society to help the most vulnerable such as ,by fundraising, gave us all the opportunity to visualise and feel the sense of community, union , cooperation and compassion with the vulnerable during the difficult time . It also enabled us to recognise the unity and we are able to overcome difficult times together.




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