The Surface Transmission of Pathogens in Public Buildings

COVID-19 has highlighted with devastating consequences the role that surfaces have to play as a conduit for the transmission of harmful pathogens. Door handles, balustrades, push plates and buttons to name a few are some of the many surfaces in all environments which are touched on a regular basis and are major factor in transmitting bacteria and viruses from person to person. While we would like to think the pandemic will change the habits of the public, it is unrealistic to expect our current regime of cleanliness to persist long term. A key challenge presented by COVID-19 is how to limit the spread of pathogens from surface to surface without changing our habits or continuing the cost of an intensive and prolonged cleaning routine. Solving this problem would not only reduce infection rates of future viruses but would also reduce the transmission of C. Diff, E. coli, MRSA and other superbugs which cost the NHS millions of pounds annually.




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