Tracking Vaccinated Individuals

There is much discussion over Vaccine Passports and such like to track who has been vaccinated in the UK in order to access certain benefits in the future (eg travel). This is costly, difficult and lends itself to frauds/counterfeits.

Much easier to add digits to the National Insurance Number – a letter that would not only confirm the individual has been vaccinated but also with what and how many times.

Eg add aa at the end for two Astra Zeneca jabs or just a if just one or ap if AstraZ + Pfizer.

This is easy to implement and verify and to communicate to the public at large. Automatic to update once the jab has been received.

When you are booking a flight as an example, your passport number should be linked to your updated Natl Ins No. so it would be clear very quickly whether you have been vaccinated etc.

Post-Covid this information will be most important for some time and the system should be simplified as much as possible for ease of updating, use and access. A separate document would lead to geat confusion, delays and complaints (plus the need to replace etc).

Simple solution to a potentially complex problem allowing to verify in real time the status of each UK adult and would also help to spot ‘forgotten’ individuals.

Thank you




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