Utilizing empty shops to launch ‘E-bay Elves’ -providing work opportunities & training for the homeless

‘E-Bay Elves’ supports city centre regeneration, utilizes empty shop spaces and provides training, support and a living wage for the homeless community. Vacant town-centre shops (initially starting in the industrial NW) are converted into collection, reclamation and ‘upcycling’ centres in which items are rejuvenated, repaired and ultimately sold on via e-bay. Items will be provided by the local community on either a voluntary, or cash-upon sale basis. These are then up-cycled by a workforce trained by the local trades & artisan community. Fundamentally, the hope is that much of this training will be done on an accredited volunteer basis. Employees will be trained in various roles including IT literacy, woodwork and metal work skills, marketing, packaging and basic accountancy. Employees will also participate in a series of life-skill workshops such as financial management, developing interview skills etc. The organisation is based on the ‘non-profit’ co-operative principle with employees being paid a weekly wage as well as the long-term incentive of a profit-share system. At the initial establishment stage the workforce (in one training shop) will consist of : • A general manager • 2x receptionists • 2x IT technicians • 4x Maintenance Personnel • 2x Packaging, delivery and logistics As the business becomes established staffing would increase to 20 + staff with business premises extending to different parts of the country.




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