Using AI to identify great ideas

The 2021 Heywood Prize has exceeded our expectation as close to 2000 people contributed their ideas to the contest. But this success also put a great burden on the many volunteers that helped us review and score these entries.

In the 2022 Heywood Prize we are therefore embarking on a new journey that will make use of state-of-the-art AI to simplify the reviewing process. Our AI will pre-score and summarize each entry, so that our human reviewers can focus on what they do best – identifying good ideas. Our AI further enriches each entry by category metadata to make sure good ideas can be easily found later and don’t get lost in the archives.

Despite the great possibilities that such tools offer, we are aware of the risks and are therefore committed to using AI in a responsible manner. Every submitted entry will still be read by a human reviewer at least once, to ensure no good idea gets dismissed by the AI.

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