Using AI to identify great ideas

The 2021 Heywood Prize has exceeded our expectation as close to 2000 people contributed their ideas to the contest. But this success also put a great burden on the many volunteers that helped us review and score these entries. In the 2022 Heywood Prize we are therefore embarking on a new journey that will makeContinue reading “Using AI to identify great ideas”

Update: 2022 competition news

A couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure of observing a meeting of the NHS Volunteers Taskforce which, in addition to looking at volunteering across the entirety of the NHS, has been looking at the winning idea from the 2021 Heywood Prize competition about building a territorial type army of volunteers for the NHS.Continue reading “Update: 2022 competition news”

Citizens’ assemblies

I was delighted to take part in a follow up discussion hosted by the Blavatnik School on one of our prize winning ideas – citizens assemblies. The notes of that discussion, which is one of several conversations that we have been supporting as a Foundation both within and outside of government, is attached here. SuzanneContinue reading “Citizens’ assemblies”