Factory built housing units

The problem of lack of adequate accommodation with non-shared facilities can be solved by: • a major investment in the manufacturing of factory built houses and accommodation units. • a change in the planning regulations. The manufacturing facilities in the UK for factory built houses are limited. The capacity can be increased substantially with aContinue reading “Factory built housing units”

Free public transport

A simple way to change people’s attitude to travel is to have free public transport. There would be then no need for two car families, and in many cases car ownership would not be necessary. Buses and stops aligned with needs, outside supermarkets, schools and public amenities. Eventually buses converted to electric and the reintroductionContinue reading “Free public transport”

Modern Monetary Theory – An Idea whose moment has come

Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) is not a particularly new idea. It has been around since at least the 1940s. At its core is the recognition that a currency issuing government has no need to issue debt in order to fund government spending. Governments can (and do) simply spend the money into existence. This is aContinue reading “Modern Monetary Theory – An Idea whose moment has come”

Invest foreign aid in production of British goods for aid export

Instead of sending money abroad as aid to foreign countries. I would invest more (not all) foreign aid budget in British manufacturing of goods that can be exported as aid. This would help stimulate British industry and create production jobs. Production of goods can be situated in areas of the country with both the requiredContinue reading “Invest foreign aid in production of British goods for aid export”

Installing E-bike charging points in public parks and open spaces

Electrically assisted E-bikes are known to make users more physically active. Many public parks a modest distance from population centres and within cities have car parking, but no facilities for securing and re-charging E-bikes. This is clearly a nonsense when we do not have road capacity for more cars, and when a number of E-bikesContinue reading “Installing E-bike charging points in public parks and open spaces”

How britian can save the world with cereal boxes.

First of my key two scentances of research: 91% of plastic is not recycled only nine percent is recycled. 79 percent goes into landfills or into the natural environment as litter. As a year 10 student taking design & technology for my GCSE I chose to solve how much materials are sent to landfill causingContinue reading “How britian can save the world with cereal boxes.”

The opportunity to create fitness friendly communities

We have an opportunity post-COVID is to maintain people’s enthusiasm for outdoor exercise and to maintain lesser use of cars. Disincentives to outdoor exercise pre-COVID were the lack of places to cycle and walk which were perceived to be safe. Lockdown presented an opportunity for pedestrians and cyclists to claim the roads. In order toContinue reading “The opportunity to create fitness friendly communities”

Improving housing towns and the environment

All applications for planning for housing, needs careful scrutiny, to enable people to live in homes large enough for the family to sit down and eat together and have a separate work space. The plans also need to include local facilities for food and enable outdoor exercise. Smaller communities and smaller towns in slightly largerContinue reading “Improving housing towns and the environment”

Proposal for an online certificated preparation for university scheme.

The impact of restricted learning since the onset of the pandemic will undermine the education of secondary and sixth-form students for several years. The negative impact will be not only on achievements in 16 to 18 school qualifications but also on the extent to which students may be adequately prepared for their lives and studiesContinue reading “Proposal for an online certificated preparation for university scheme.”