A Niche Fix to a Big Gap

I understand that a system such as Universal Credit (UC) will always have cases where individuals suffer due to the its scale. However, I do not believe I can be one of few such in this instance. The system essentially cripples those who were on monthly incomes at a time they are most vulnerable.

The system should enable those who have left work to prove this and then be granted a full payment in the next month as their final salary from previous employment.

I believe the more challenging issue is how to correct the, what is essentially an unnecessary overpayment, upon regaining employment. Mainly on the basis that there are many avenues for income and is not just restricted to receiving fixed income from an employer. However, in this instance it may be possible for UC credit to adjust the payment upon HMRC receiving notification of new employment issued by companies. Perhaps a token amount such as £200 is paid in this case to ensure the individual can afford basic necessities while not being awarded unnecessary funding. Then the system can assess the individuals circumstances based on their actual earned income when they are paid.




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