A simple self-financing strategy which sends a positive messages to society

The Solution

Any citizen to have the right to send in a photograph highlighting uncleared rubbish to an independently managed website set up as a register and as a record that the incident has been officially reported. If after 3 months the problem has not been resolved by the relevant authority the individual to have the right to send in a further photograph to the register and for the council to be fined. The fines (rather like parking fines) to be imposed by an independent referee run by the private sector. The fact that the sanctioning is run by the private sector demonstrates that government is accountable to the electorate and that the ability to impose fines for infringement of the rules works both ways. Just imagine how this simple idea could transform how we see and care about our environment.

Proceeds from the fines to be distributed as follows

a) 20% to pay for the administration of the scheme

b) 40% to the Keep Britain Tidy campaign

c) 20% to nominated charities – the reporting citizen having the right to nominate.

d) 20% for the purchase of carbon credits to offset the carbon emissions from the disposal of the rubbish collected under the scheme.


This is a simple self-financing strategy which sends positive messages to all concerned and means government is obliged to take action and the private sector and the electorate have a simple way to hold government to account. If the strategy proves effective just imagine how the concept can be employed in many other situations where government is not delivering basic services it is mandated to provide..




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