After the fall of man-ufacture (we must create a world that works smarter).

There has been huge disruption to industry as we emerge from C19 and many have lost their living. With countless jobs disappearing, it is going to be important to create new opportunities and new jobs. The country if full of prospective entrepreneurs but they may lack confidence, support and guidance. The challenge is to encourage people who want to take the opportunity to start a business to take that first step into commerce. Someone with a good idea may not know where to start, to turn it into a viable enterprise. There is a lot of information on the Internet ā€š’ not all of it useful or safe to trust ā€š’ and a lot of so-called Angels who are in it for their own enrichment. Many are reluctant to take the step for fear of losing their life saving and there home as the banks will not lend to start-ups unless the family assets are put on the line. Some people, who are starting a new enterprise, are unaware that their brilliant idea has already been tried, tested and either succeeded or failed. It is pointless to keep inventing the wheel. There is scope for a centralised government department to vet new business breakouts and offer free advice and financial assistance. This might be in the form of just informing the person that their idea has failed in the past and the reason why. So much better if it was more proactive and actually pointed out opportunities that the entrepreneur might not have thought of or even be aware of. The opportunity to kick-start hundreds, if not thousands, of small businesses, some of which could very well turn into very large businesses, can come out of the disruption of the C19 pandemic where so much talent is sitting inactive at




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