An opportunity to build a register of ‚’qualified‚’ volunteers to help tutor with homeschooling.

One positive aspect of the Covid pandemic has been the willingness of individuals to volunteer to help in the community, placing themselves at risk of infection and for no personal reward. This has been illustrated locally across the nation. It has also been illustrated nationally where retired nurses have answered the call to come out of retirement and help hospitals in danger of being overwhelmed by Covid patients.

A negative impact of the pandemic, arguably the biggest, has been the need to cancel schooling to prevent the spread of the disease. This loss of schooling may well impact some children for the rest of their lives.

However, there is an opportunity to tap into people‚’s altruistic willingness to help and match it with the need to provide home-schooling, to replace those lost days of a child‚’s education. Similar to the ‚’retired nurses‚’ scenario, there is a vast pool of knowledge and experience held by recently retired teachers that is waiting to be used if asked. Similar to ‚’nursing‚’, ‚’teaching‚’ is very much a vocational occupation and the likely response to a ‚’call to arms‚’ would be positive.

Further, the experience of teachers would range both from ‚’early learning‚’, through primary education and up to secondary education. That experience might be‚’ general in nature‚’ or ‚’subject specific‚’ but there is the opportunity to put in place a system that allows an individual to register and volunteer their skills. Those skills could be matched to the needs of individual pupils and delivered over the internet.

In this way the damage to a child‚’s education can be mitigated, whilst maintaining the restrictions that are deemed necessary to ‚’control the virus‚’.




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