As Lockdown relaxes, public toilets must be liberated, extended, and re-designed for 21st Century standards.

Wash Your Hands! More frequently and for longer! But where?

Covid 19 has taught us all the importance of good hygiene, yet it has effectively closed a huge range and number of vital ‘facilities’/public conveniences.

We all need quick and easy access to public conveniences. But for many people: those menstruating and pregnant; those with bladder and/or bowel conditions and most women, the need is more urgent.

Over half the population will have their post Lockdown freedoms seriously curtailed by a chronic lack of facilities. Dogs, man’s best friend, are better catered for.

It is not a subject we like to discuss, yet radical change is needed.

A drastic change to our mindset on these issues would be a positive outcome from the Pandemic.

Imaginative design and action are needed to make world beating/first class facilities which will revolutionise our perspective and approach to these basic needs.

The Pandemic has shown the shameful shortfall of facilities following many years of closures. The relaxation of the Lockdown is no freedom when public toilets have been permanently closed or are unable to open in a COVID safe condition. This is the time for a national initiative.

There is an opportunity to Institute a public programme of radical expansion and improvement to public conveniences, incorporating a long-term building plan that designs-in current innovations providing sufficient facilities and making them COVID safe for the future,

Toilets which will be welcoming, not shameful or closeted, managed by dedicated gatekeepers, proud in their profession, meeting people’s day to day needs in a healthy, safe, and secure environment.

The Pandemic has highlighted the need for rigorous cleansing to prevent touching and air-borne viral transmission. The furniture and infrastructure of public conveniences: such as door handles, flushes, hand towels, heating, air circulation, means of access and egress should be a part of a national initiative to make using a public toilet consistently available and safe.

As the COVID road map unfolds and recreational facilities, parks, cultural buildings and non-essential visitor opportunities, shops, entertainment venues and transport hubs come back into use, toilets in these locations require modernisation from the solutions many sites have implemented that have enabled provision to be maintained.

Following our recent experiences, the supply of Public Conveniences, those run by Local Authorities and in all public places have to be sufficient in numbers, well managed, safe and fit for the 21st Century and suitable for meeting the needs of potential future emergencies.

The “Opportunity” is to claw back sponsorship from the Companies who have benefitted most from Lockdown conditions, whose sales and profitability have prospered, often matched by Treasury support.




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