Base all Government policies on the health, wealth, happiness and sustainability of our nation.

The costs of the Covid-19 pandemic in terms of our health, happiness and the economy are going to be huge. Not only has the crisis had a massive impact on our NHS, businesses and education have been affected too. The 3 lockdowns have given many of us a chance to reflect on how we can create a brighter future, and it could infact be the catalyst for a much needed transformation. The way in which we’ve been living to date does not cultivate health, wealth or happiness for most of us. At the same time, its damaging to the environment, and relatively little is being done to address the climate change catastrophe we’re facing. Drastic change is needed in all Government policies in order to redress the balance and create a future our children can look forward to. Examples include:

– Teaching all children about self care, deep relaxation, resilience, and first aid so that they’re less reliant on external healthcare providers as they grow up.

– Open more Montessori schools.

– All new housing should be designed to encourage communal living and reduce social isolation, similar to the co-housing models which are becoming more popular.

– People should be encouraged to shop locally from small scale producers wherever possible, and it should be easy for them to do so.

– Upcycling projects could provide jobs and reduce waste to landfill.

– It should be made easier for those on benefits to get into work or start their own business.

– Drug-free treatments and alternative therapies should be widely offered within the NHS, to improve outcomes with chronic conditions and mental illness in particular.

Bhutan is a shining example of a country which bases all policies on the happiness of its people, and the UK could easily replicate this.




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