Continue with Blended Education in Primary Schools

It is well known that a good education foundation in the early years of childhood is crucial to maximise the benefits for children in secondary and higher levels of education.

It is also true, I believe, that most primary schools do not employ subject specialists ( and neither do many subject specialists choose to work in primary schools.)

Excellent teaching of all subjects at Primary age is key, but some subjects need more specialist teaching to build good foundations and understanding of basic concepts – mathematics, the sciences, music, languages.

Through the pandemic, each child will have their own IT device and teachers have developed better IT user skills . It seems likely that some form of online learning will continue.

It is an opportune time to capitalize on this by requiring teachers to integrate online resources into their classroom work.. The idea would be that key knowledge and skills could be presented online/TV by specialists, which teachers would be required to use in their delivery of the national curriculum .

The Oaks National Academy ( is great example. Further sites may be available.

As well as providing consistent, expert tuition to children, it would release teacher time to focus on inspiring/expanding/reinforcing/ and the social aspects of primary education.

The resources could be used by parents who home school, as well as by children at home if they need to refresh a particular aspect of a subject or skill to help with homework.

It may help parents support their children too.

The children would become accustomed to this style of education in readiness for the future.

A review of resources and an awareness campaign is needed for parents and schools.




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